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Fast & Simple Website Updates.

We’ve built ForgeIgniter to utilize markdown to update your site content. With it’s easy to understand syntax, you can update your website with speed and ease.

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Customize & Build With Your Own Layouts.

We include templates to get you started, but you can always upload your own HTML/CSS/JS files to completely customize your website, that're all easily managed in the template manager. No complicated theme engine or strange tags to learn, just pure HTML and CSS if that's all you wanted.

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Easy In-Line Editing.

Editing pages should be easy and that's where In-Line editing comes into play at it's best, no need to login to the dashboard, simply click on the peace of text or image you want to change and your done, easily previewing the changes as you make them.

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Manage Multiple Websites.

Ever wanted to mange all your sites under one roof ? You can now control all of your websites with one login and control panel, easily manage users, modules, templates, and staging sites without having to remember multiple logins.

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Add Modules Or Develop Your Own.

ForgeIgniter is modular based, so you can easily add features to any one of your sites. ForgeIgniter currently includes Pages, Blogs, E-Commerce, Events, Community, Forums, and Wiki modules to get you started. Since ForgeIgniter is modular and built on CodeIgniter, you can develop your own modules and extend custom functionality with ease.

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Forged On CodeIgniter.

ForgeIgniter is build using the popular CodeIgniter Framework, giving you peace of mind knowing that the core of ForgeIgniter is stable, fast and flexible. Be it you using the CMS as it is, or using the CMS as a foundation for something more.


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